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Thursday, 17 December 2009

Lucky me!

Jill over at Third Age Musings wasn't the only one to receive a gift from Lesley at Printed Material - I too have had one of Lesley's lovely felt creations! For no reason other than she had read that I'd been down in the dumps and thought it might help to cheer me up which it certainly did.

It came along with a pretty hand crafted card and a lovely message of support and I can tell you I was deeply touched and indeed cheered.

The other card I had received a day or two previously from Jill and I will treasure this little piece of artwork depicting the fabulous Marvin - he really should have a fan club I think!

I am indoors nursing the dreaded lurgy at present but I will certainly be wearing that lovely cheery flower asap!
I cannot get over what a lovely group bloggers are - THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!
A proper thank you card ready to go in the post Lesley - not sure when it will arrived though!


  1. Hi Jane

    Thank you for coming over to see me and also for your lovely wise comments about both my posts. Your felt flower is really gorgeous, I've been itching to do a felting course for some time now and it's on my To Do list, the only trouble is my list is somewhat lengthy!

    By the way do go thinking I'm ultra knowledgeable about the Lapin Agile, I just read the bit about carving initials on the link you gave!!

    We're all nursing the lurge here at the moment too - it just will not go. Keep warm.

    Kate x

  2. I meant "Don't go thinking"!

  3. Hi Jane, lovely gesture of the felt flower,
    I love the notion that one blooms where one is planted...don't you? you will soon be back to bloomin' loveliness my girl kick the lurgee in to touch! x

  4. Jane,
    So glad you liked the little brooch. It was only a thought and it is so sweet of you to mention it. Sorry you have the lurgy. Keep warm and wrapped up and you'll soon beat it. Lesley

  5. I'm with everyone else: keep warm and do as little as possible......... hard, I know, but its what you need to do in order to be better by The Big Day! x

  6. WOw that felted flower is so colourful and beautiful! Wow!

    Just giving some news from the contest, if you want to vote, it would be so kind of you! this is the adress:

    You can vote many times a day, with each time a different adress.
    You can vote everyday.

    Thanks a lot!


  7. WOW it all looks lovely :)
    Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog.... Yes i still love my doggies very much but she is soo bit i can never hug her and cuddle her on my lap anymore. But i love her all the same :D Also yes that is me in the picture but i was a bit younger then hehe :0
    Lucy xx

  8. What a beautiful felted beauty and card and I do hope your feelong better.

    Nina x

  9. What a lovely flower and how nice to see my card in your photo. (I'm sure this posting didn't show up on my dashboard earlier.) I do hope you feel better soon, it always seems to be the same at this time of year. Hope you manage to have a relaxing weekend.
    Jill xx


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