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Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Post Christmas Blues?

I wonder if I am the only blogger who is glad that Christmas is all over and who cannot wait to get those cards and the tree (we did manage a tree Meg!) down and forget all about it for another 12 months? Am I the only one who says at this time every year "Never again"? Who has decided that next year I am either going to a non-Christian country, preferably somewhere warm and sunny, for the holidays or if not that then volunteering to help at Crisis at Christmas? Why am I such an old Scrooge? I have kept away from blogging this week as I feel I don't have the "right" things to say at this time of year - I cannot join in all that enjoyment and so on - bah humbug to it all!!

Every year I determine that this time I will be merry and bright, we will enjoy the day together, I will make the effort and every year it all ends in tears - usually mine! What is the matter with me? I am not really a miserable old *** (but then again maybe I am and just don't realise it) so why can't I be like everyone else and get into the spirit of it all?

I have no photographs taken recently - light too dim, nothing worth taking... etc but whilst looking through my files I came across this one taken in our garden last spring - this is what I dream of at this time of the year - Spring and primroses, blue skies and sunshine, Easter - now there is a festival I can do!

I wish you all a very Happy New Year and hope that 2010 will be a good year for you in terms of happiness and health.

I have decided to take a short break from blogging - I will come back when I have something more positive to say and some cheery photos, when I can see the joy in little things again, and can truly rejoice with you at all your happinesses. Take no notice of my moans I will be back and I will cheer up in due course after all these years this I know!!


  1. I was quite relieved to see this post - I thought I was the only one feeling a bit down! We all invest so much time and energy and want things to go so well that there is inevitably an anti climax when it doesn't turn out thatway. And its my birthday tomorrow and it's horrid having it at this time of year. And I feel like Violet Elizabeth in Just William and want to scream and scream and scream! So thank you for this post - it's made me feel that I'm not alone and that's whats good about blogland. So don't disappear for too long - you'll be missed!

  2. Hey! seed catalogues have started to come in the post............. Don't you DARE stay away too long, or we will all come and find you, wherever you are!!!!!!


  3. Oh Jane,
    You are certainly not alone my friend. I feel exactly like you and, if I'm honest, I long to return to the routines of daily life. It's all become too commercial for me and I've become one of those 'grumpy old women'. Please don't disappear for too long because you're one of the people who make blogging fun and worthwhile. We'll all miss you until you re-surface, hopefully refreshed and ready for 2010. Have a good New Year.
    Lesley x

  4. Amen... All my Christmas stuff went away today. I'm totally on the same page. Done with the winter weather, the grey skies and temps not about 20 outside. Soooooooooooo ready for spring already.

  5. So sorry that you feel a bit down in the dumps. Expectations are always so high at Christmas so it's not unusual when things don't go to plan. But I saw some snowdrops yesterday and that certainly made me smile.

    Don't rest from blogging for too long, I've only just found you!!

    Kate x

  6. Glad to hear that I am not the only Scrooge around. I can't wait to get rid of all the stuff and get back to normal.
    I think humans are strange things. We are never happy with what we have - you are complaining about your dark and cold and I'm complaining about the hot and steamy weather we have. All my heart yearns for is a COLD, WHITE CHRISTMAS and you would probably love to go to the beach like we are today.
    So cheer up. We're all the same no matter where we come from - SISTERS! And we get through our gloomy times by picking eachother up and chatting and so we forget what was wrong because we have company.

  7. You see you are not alone - this is limbo week. I too want to put the tree away, take down the cards and get on with daily life. The house always looks uncluttered once the decorations have gone. I do hope the turning of the year will refresh you and look forward to your return, don't be gone too long.
    Jill xx

  8. Jane, your honesty is great and appreciated! I'm ready to rip those Christmas cards off the wall too--in fact, I get giddy just thinking about it. I'm feeding the family Christmas letters to the shredder and SERIOUSLY thinking of ditching the Christmas tree. I think as we (I) get older I don't want to fuss and expend energy... or maybe I've always been that way. This Christmas I did get frazzled...never did get all the Christmas cards out and don't even care! WHOOPIE!!! I'd like to stop the angst of gift giving all together! (The shop owners wouldn't care for that, though!) Take as long as you need but come back soon!

  9. Em, I do know exactly what you mean. Christmas is a very difficult time and results in a lot of us feeling blue. It's nice to see your primroses photo - it won't be long till Spring.
    Take care and come back soon.

  10. I am SO very very glad I am not the only person who feels this way! I was ready to pack up the tree and cards at about 10am Christmas morning! I love the tree and decorations, but once the day is over I want them all gone as fast as possible.
    I am certain it won't be long before the daffodils will be poking up through the ground! I LOVE spring, my favorite time of year.
    Do hope you feel better soon and aren't gone too long....

  11. I know that feeling!

    Christmas has just something so melancolic over it, but in the bad way. Actually this is the first Christmas I really enjoyed. And don't call yourself an old ***! You aren't!

    Promise, you can come to Switzerland and stay here if you don't want to prepare Christmas!

    I've not been blogging either for some time. But actually, don't restrain from blogging about non-positiv things if you feel like doing it. We're here and we read, no matter what it is about :-) There is no "happy-code" for blogs!

    Hope that you'll be back and better soon!



  12. Happy & Blessed New Year darling. Wishing you and yours good health, much happiness and vast fortune in the new year.

    Love & Hugs

  13. I hope you feel better soon, I enjoy reading your post's and look forward to many more in 2010.
    Lucy xx

  14. I get an awful prickly urge to take down the Christmas cards the day after Boxing Day and the tree is crackling with dry needles every time I walk past although that isn't very often as I seem to be stuck to the sofa. You're not being grumpy. Enforced celebration at any time of year is just no fun, really. I think you've unleashed a sense that many of us feel at Christmas. Please don't stay away too long. In the meantime have a wonderful 2010. Enjoy taking some lovely bright winter photos...

  15. SO in tune with you over this! I always say I would rather help at the Shelter dishing up food for the needy or sitting on the beach just 'being'. We are coming into our hottest part of Summer -shudder. At least this year it was a much cooler Yule, & it is still overcast & grey but humidity runs high... along with tempers. I feel so curmudeonly, & perhaps now, I am glad we didn't find the tree!!
    Please dont feel bad about having a moan- we all do it now & then, & it is surprising how many notes of recognition it strikes!
    Love the sight of those primroses, they remind me of my English Grandmother, who loved them.

  16. Jane you are not being grumpty at all and I admire your honesty, so many of us feel this way at Christmas but don't like to admit it. We have taken the tree and the cards down and are totally back to "normal" whatever that is! Christmas has become far too commercial for me and the best part was an uplifting carol service in a local church (even though I am not a practising Christian I do love the traditions of the season).

    I have never enjoyed New Year's Eve and all the enforced fun thing. Our NYE was very reflective and quiet but that's fine - we are all individuals aren't we?

    Although I have enjoyed the snowy scenery, I now long for the first signs of spring. The days are lengthening and it won't be too long before we have more light.

    I agree with Emma there is no "happy code" for blogging and you should write about whatever you feel. Take care Jane and I look forward to seeing you refreshed and renewed in 2010!

    Jeanne xx

  17. I love your primroses. What a nice reminder that spring is right around the corner.


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