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Wednesday, 16 December 2009


We had 3 days in Paris last week and we did enjoy it. We had booked on a Secret Paris on Foot break and this was to include 3 two-hour walks round different areas of Paris with a guide.

Here are a few of my photos - I didn't take ones that are better found on postcards but of things that appealed to me - in no particular order (mainly because it would take too long to get them into any semblance of order and too because I am suffering from a sore throat and the beginnings of a cold and just don't feel like it!)

Note the blue sky - this was Friday morning

View over Paris from Sacre Coeur on Friday afternoon when it had clouded over

Pretty little French shop on the Isle St Louis

Typical French Underground sign - somehow more exciting and interesting looking than the London ones especially with that blue sky background!

Famous cabaret place in Montmartre called Lapin Agile for more info on why it's called that click on the link.

This place is supposed to sell the best ice-cream in Paris but as it was so very cold we didn't try it so I can't tell you if this is true!

Where Heloise and Abelard lived on the Isle de St Louis click on the link for their tragic love story.

Most of the large houses, or hotels as they are called, in Paris don't have gardens but these intriguing courtyards instead

This fantastic house on the Isle St Louis has been bought by an Arab royal and it is hoped that it will be renovated in keeping with its original style - it would certainly make a magnificent place to entertain dignitaries as well as friends!

Typical French electircs in some of these old places! Don't touch!!!

This ice sculpture showing the Eifel Tower and Big Ben was being done on the concourse of St Pancras International when we got our train on Thursday morning - was hoping to see it finished but of course the arrivals platforms are not in the same place.

Pretty street in Montmartre

Blue skies and Paris seen from the Isle St Louis across the Seine
Paris maybe the city of lovers and best seen in the Spring but we old marrieds loved it just as much this time round as when we were there on honeymoon nearly 40 years ago.


  1. What lovely photo's - it bought back memories of when my husband and I went pre-children! I like the idea of Paris on foot.

  2. nice pictures! Did you go to Ladurée, have some macarons too?

    Hope so!


  3. Absolutely wonderful! I'll got to bed less stupid too, today ;)

    I feel a bit awful for never having known the full story of H and A before - just knew of them as a reference. What a trajic but beautiful story.

  4. trajic???

    I need to take a break!

  5. thanx for the sight seeing, it was lovely, oh how I need to go there ;-)

  6. Beautiful! My friends went there last November too for their honeymoon and they loved Paris. Thanks for sharing. :-)

  7. I never been to Paris, your photos are really telling me to go there one day!

    Anna x

  8. lovely pictures - did you stay somewere nice too?

  9. Fantastic! I think the whole world loves Paris. We have never been there but are hoping and planning for a trip there in October 2010. Your photos have stirred up my determination to do it.

  10. A beautiful virtual tour - it's nice to take a break, even a virtual one.

  11. Wonderful guided tour, thank you, I've been talking about going back to Paris it's such a magical place. Did you carve your initials at the Lapin Agile as well?

  12. Oh lovely to see some different places. Truly a wonderful break by the sound of it x

  13. You lead the most wonderful life... oh, I wish I could visit Paris and England. I'll stop back by to check out the links.

  14. Fabulous piccies, I haven't been to Paris since the early 80's.... must try to get there again one day. Lizzie


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