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Monday, 7 December 2009

Mood lifters!

Spring flowers in the market at Salisbury brightened my day on Saturday .

My pots outside in the downpour this morning also brightened my mood - they are so cheerful in spite of the rain (or maybe even because of the rain!)

This photo doesn't do justice to the sight of sunlight on the silver birch trunks this afternoon taken from my bedroom window.
I had been suffering from a dose of the blues but these along with the Monday poem over on Tales from a cottage garden and my Monday morning hour or so of yoga have revived me!


  1. Hope the blues will quickly go away! WHat lovely flowers! :-)


  2. Those flower really is a bright sight, here is so dark and grey at the moment. Let's hope for brighter sky soon!

    Anna xxx

  3. What a superb view you have from your bedroom window. Glad you swept those blues away, I do pilates and that always gets me in the mood!

  4. So glad you chased away the blues! And I can't believe these bright colours in December!
    Have a lovely week!

  5. I sooooooo miss colour in the garden from now till about March..... I would love to look out on silver birches, such pretty trees.

  6. Jane, these images are so beautiful and soothing somehow. I hope the blues leave you soon, but be kind to yourself if you can and take care xx

  7. Oh the winter blues can be so unkind. Thank you for your kind mention of the Monday poem Jane - I'm glad that together with your yoga class it had the desired effect and lifted those blues.
    The pretty stall of spring flowers does make you long for the light and lengthening days of Spring ... take care.

    Jeanne xx

  8. The flowers are flureshing!! they always brighten my mood :)
    Lucy xx

  9. I am battling my own blues. Hope yours lift. There seems to be a magic in rain that gives plants an extra spurt of growth. Love your pots of flowers.

  10. Yep... The flowers brighten even my day

  11. I hope that you are feeling a lot brighter now! Flowers and colour are a great pick me up!
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  12. Spring flowers??? Are they 'allowed' to do that? Will your pansies last through the winter? (I think they call them Lady Faces). Nothing like beautiful, colorful flowers to lift a mood.


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