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Sunday, 17 January 2010

20 minute update

Just a quick post today to bring you up to date on my 20 minutes' worth of crafting recently. I had a go at this little book following Lesley's post on Thursday Some you win some you don't but I am not that pleased with it since for the cover I used some paper which I stiffened by sticking it to a sheet of thin card and now it is curved and I can't seem to flatten it. Also when I opened it to photograph it the pages divided and came away from the spine - still I have had that happen with commercially produced paperbacks so am not too downheartened about that!

I have continued with the crochet bag and as you can see it is all but finished apart from the lining - however I discovered that when I made the holes for threading the cord I should have had an even number and not the odd number I ended up with as now both ends of the cord come out at the same hole. May have to unpick the last few rows of crochet and redo that especially as I was planning to have 2 cords coming out at opposite sides of the bag. As Lesley said "Some you win some you don't!!

I also discovered that the materials I had thought to use for the lining really didn't show up well through the mesh so am wondering if this one might be better - what do you think?

Following Pomona's post about fingerless gloves here I also have some of those on the go using the Rowan yarns I bought in London back in the summer see here. And have bought a ball of soft yellow yarn to make a teddy for a friend's baby so as you can see I am doing my 20 minutes each day!
By the way does anyone know how I can put the link in my sidebar to let others know about this 20 minute challenge - have tried without success so far.

It's a fabulous spring like day here with blue skies and sunshine so mustn't spend any more time at the computer! Enjoy what's left of your weekend.


  1. Love the new lining of your string bag - very pretty.
    I'm very impressed with all these projects on the go. Well done

  2. You've been very creative I see. Love the new lining! Enjoy the sunshine!

  3. If you look on your dashboard, click Layout to get onto Edit Layout, then Add a Gadget (top right). Choose Picture from the Gadget list which pops up. You can put in a heading and a link in the appropriate boxes (use copy (Ctrl C) and Paste (Ctrl P) to copy and paste your link in. Then for the picture - go onto the blog, do right click on the pic, then Save as. You can then put it into the Picture Gadget form by pressing the browse button to find where you have saved it on your computer (desktop is what I find easiest), and then selecting. Save, and you will find it comes out on the top right of your blog - you can move it by dragging it when you are on the Edit Layout page.

    Hope this is clear - love your bag - I think the handles look perfect!

    Pomona x

  4. Your bag is really sweet - like an old-fashioned reticule!
    I don't make holes for my cords on bags like these, I just do a double-treble row and thread both cords through that.

  5. For a first attempt, that book looks pretty good from here. The lining for the bag is soooo pretty. Pomona has a lot to answer for: I have been sourcing bamboo knitting needles! Wonderful sunshine here today too, too good to miss. :O)

  6. Your book looks fabulous, I might try to make a book myself!
    I love your crocheting, the blue material goes well.
    I may try to crochet one like it as an experiment, did you use chain and double crochet?
    Lucy xx

  7. I love the lining of your bag. You look to be doing really well with your 20 Minuters. Well done you. Keep up the good work.
    A x

  8. Jane ,
    Your 20 minute bursts must be turbo charged! The lining looks absolutely right for the bag. I think they are a perfect combination and like Lucy, wish I knew what stitches you are using. As for the book, well, that looks fab too. Paper has its own memory so if you press the book for a few days under some heavy weights it will think this is the right thing and stay nice and flat for you. Give it a go.
    Lesley x

  9. The delicate pink & blue sprigged fabric looks great with your crochet bag Jane, you're doing really well with your 20 minutes! Also the book is fab, I love the Japanese inspired paper you have used with its pretty spring-like colours.

    We had a good day here too it was so nice to take a walk in the sunshine!

    Jeanne x

  10. The new lining fabric is perfect, I think the blue goes so very well with the colour of your crochet.

  11. I love the drawstring bag!
    The lining is perfect too.

  12. Jane, I was delighted to hear about your daffodils, spring hope!
    We have blue sky and sunshine here too today, yay!!

    I love the book, (wonky or not :)) your crochet bag is adorable too, but oh, I can so relate to unpicking!!! xx

  13. That bag looks fantastic. I really like it and reminds me of something my Aunt Suzy would have made. Lovely choice of colours.

    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  14. I love the bag, very nice indeed.

    Some you win some you don't I pulled all my work out, lol and redid it into something else, too.

    i think we all suffer with that disease sometimes.

    Anyways I really like the lining, makes both pieces 'ping' together

  15. Oh yes. That fabric looks lovely, very pretty.

    Pomonas instructions are very good. I would save the picture first into my documents folder before I went to my dashboard and did that bit. But thats just the way I do it. Pamonas instructions are very comprehensive.

  16. Love your little bag. I think the fabric needs to be delicate, so go for it!

  17. I love your bag and I think the lining is perfect for it. I envy people with yarn skills!


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