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Thursday, 28 January 2010

Walking and creativity

Have been for a walk this morning with a friend - we climbed to the top of Pilsdon Pen and it was great - bitterly cold wind at the top but just beautiful although very different to (or should that be from?) last time we went back in September here

Over there where the sun was shining on some light coloured buildings in the far distance is where I live - perhaps I should have stayed at home! (In case you are wondering - no I didn't walk from home!)

Just above the sheep on the horizon you may be able to make out a brighter patch - that is the sea shining in the sunlight way over there too.

It seemed not to be the best of days for us since we had arrived at the Craft Centre for a coffee prior to our walk only to find it closed for stocktaking. Since we had planned to return to the Craft Centre after our walk for lunch that plan had to be rethought and we decided to drive to the next village for a pub lunch but discovered that the pub there was closed too or at least there were no cars in the car park and it didn't look inviting so we took it to be closed (didn't actually get out of the car to try the door). Ended up somewhere else altogether at another pub and the drive there was lovely as the sun came out and the countryside was beautiful and the soup lunch was good so "all was well that ended well"!

Does this count as 20 minutes creativity? I spent a couple of hours yesterday afternoon in the kitchen slicing and boiling and now have 6 pots of marmalade to show for it. Not sure why I bought the oranges to make marmalade when I still have 2 pots of last year's in the cupboard but it seemed a good idea at the time!

And I made this necklace too. Not sure I like it - the idea was from a book I saw in the library and theirs was made in natural hemp type yarn and had a more ethnic look to it but as I had no ethnic yarn but I did have this I tried it out in blue. I think it needs more motifs to make it look a bit more avant garde - what do you think?


  1. I really envy the story of your walks - even a closed pub is more than we get here in France! The photos are great and I'm glad it all worked out well in the end.

    I really like that necklace. Perhaps a really striking bead or button(s) in the 'central' circle?

  2. I'm sure the marmalade counts - it's creative, after all.
    I think the necklace is very pretty - maybe more beads would be good and give a bit of weight too to help it hang properly - that's the problem I find with crochet necklaces...

  3. Your marmalade looks delicious and homely and warm!!! I do like your crocheted necklace, it would look great with an ethnic style top!
    Lucy xx

  4. Anybody that can make marmalade is very creative in my book - speaking as someone who can never get jam to a setting point - so I am always envious of anyone who can make preserves. Glad you had a good walk. Sounds like it was bracing. No better way to blow away the cobwebs and build up an appetite for when you finally found somewhere open for lunch!

  5. Yes, I'm thinking more beads on the necklace. I remember when items made out of twine/jute were popular...1970's. Had forgotten about them. I'm using some yarn that is almost like twine--not very soft, maybe I could try to make something like you did with said yarn. Your walk was beautiful--you live in such a beautiful area and I became quite envious when you pointed out the sea in the distance. That would be so exciting to live near the sea.

  6. Hi - found you via the 20 minuters button.

    What a lovely place to go walking in.

    Marmalade making definately counts as crafting. Am a keen jam maker but have never attempted marmalade - perhaps I should give it a go.

  7. I rather like the necklace

  8. I couldn't survive without my walks, looks like such a beautiful place Jane.
    Loving the necklace, I agree with Floss, something sparkly in the centre would look fab too!
    And marmalade, YUM, that definitely counts as being creative, I'm sure yours is way better than any shop bought stuff!

    Have some sunshine from me...

    Enjoy the weekend, Anne x

  9. I'm with Floss too re the bead! And yes, marmalade making is definitely creative!

  10. Hi Jane
    It's looks a lovely walk, and normally on those cold and blustery days, you feel glad you've had the effort - especially if a trip to the pub for a nice lunch is involved!
    The marmalade looks delicious! How long does it keep? I've always fancied making some from scratch, and maybe some jam too, but I'm always a bit unsure of the shelf life.
    Best wishes

  11. Hi, another 20 minuter here, popping over to see what everyone else is doing.
    I think marmalade making definately counts, you are creating something.
    Love the necklace and bag.

  12. Definitely counts as creative Jane. Lovely to think it is marmalade time again isn't it? Have a great weekend x

  13. Oooh, home made marmalade, can't beat that!

    Love the necklace, perhaps a few sparklies on there would be nice though? I might even add a couple of crocheted leaves, to make it feel more like a flower bouquet. See what you have done now? I want to make one as well, lolol.


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