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Tuesday, 5 January 2010

Blue skies!

Thank you all so very much for your kind comments on my last post. I cannot tell you how much it meant to me to know that there were so many of you out there who either felt the same or would miss me whilst I was off or both! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. I cannot believe that in the short time since I began blogging I have been lucky enough to make so many real friends. I hope to get round to writing to you individually soon.

The decorations are all down and put away, the new year is well on its way and having had some time to reflect on things I am feeling much more positve. I know that there will always be down times for me and that I am just made that way and if I cannot feel merry and bright all the time as I perceive others to be (although judging from your comments it may be all an act anyway!) then the last thing I need is to beat myself up over it! I really did think that by the time I was an old lady I would have become more serene in my outlook on life but I am coming to the conclusion that we are what we are and this is me so I had better just get on with it!

The sun was shining on Saturday and the sky was blue so we took ourselves off to Weymouth where we were able to walk along the beach in the fresh air and sunshine (we didn't paddle though!) and then on round to the old Harbour where we had lunch before returning home. I felt the better for my outing.

Blogger seems to be taking an age to upload the photos so I won't add any more just now in case it takes a similar length of time to open them for you too.

Belated best wishes for the New Year and I hope to catch up with you all via your blogs again in due course.


  1. Good to see the cobwebs have blown away and blue skies are on the horizon. Lovely to have you back on form! Lesley x

  2. So good to see you popping up in my in-box Jane! There's nothing like clear blue skies to banish the blues and fresh clear air always does the trick for me too! Love your new seashore banner!

    Jeanne xxx

  3. Nothing like a walk in the fresh air to make your heart a little lighter and the weather looked glorious - lovely blue sky. Don't you love a winter's day with blue sky and sunshine?
    hope you don't mind if I get a little advice from you about our holiday in France sometime.

  4. Oh, what lovely refreshing photos. I missed your 'down' post because I was avoiding blogging too! Just not in the mood. Like you, I think I'm back now, and thanks for being real, not fake.

  5. Great to see you back! Wherever you went I'd have wormed you out! HA! HA!

  6. Good stuff!! Happy New Year to you and I do so hope it's a good one for you - for us all!

    Lovely bright photos in your post and your new banner is a great way to start to the year. x

  7. Happy new year to you - and you have seen from my post how much I agree with you! And I find that it is the photos that inspire my writing, and with my very basic compact camera it is impossible to get decent pictures indoors at this time of year. Bright sunshine is the only hope - and there is not much of that at the moment, is there? Hope you are warmer than I am!

    Pomona x

  8. Happy to see you here again! Have a lovely Start on this new year!

  9. Glad to have you around again and feeling more positive. And those photos, my goodness, just look at that amazing blue! I want blue, I am so done with grey, murky, horrid, dark skies.

  10. Beautiful blue skies and sunshine and no snow!!
    Nothing like the sea and sky to refresh the creative spirit.

  11. Well, I started to go into a post holiday slump..and i don't know why..i was glad when it was actually over...but, i picked myself up and took myself to the market..dragging along i came upon a sweet bouquet of tiny white carnations...brought them home, put them in an ironstone pitcher on my drainboard..and i feel better...but the truth is...why i REALLY feel better is coming home and going to my blog and realizing how many wonderful new frinds i met last year in blogworld. if it weren't for all of them...i might still be in a slump....

    i enjoy your blog too so much and look forward to more in 2010.

    Happy New Year, dear one


  12. Welcome back! The little trip to the sea/ocean was refreshing!

  13. I knew you'd be back and with such inspiring views and photos, too. I think those of us who admit to a little down time every so often are just more honest - is there anyone who is full of beans all the time? I doubt it! I've been reading about an American book that criticises the relentless optimism that seems to deter everyone from CEOs to parents to admitting that life/the universe is less than perfect in case they are labelled a naysayer/pooh-poo-er/grump! I wish I could remember who by, the title, where I read about it....will ponder, it may come to me.

  14. looks like a perfect sky, (flawless) :)
    Blogger does seem to be going a little slow!!
    Lucy xx


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