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Saturday, 9 January 2010


I have had enough of snow haven't you? It seems as if we have been living in a white world for such a long time although only last Saturday I went to Weymouth and it was beautiful and sunny and definitely not white. Time and our perception of it is a strange thing isn't it?

We still haven't been able to get the car out as even though the main roads are clear our side roads are not so we went to our local post office cum shop this morning for some bread and a newspaper and the walk through the woods (remember when I showed you back in the summer the same walk?) was hard going since the snow had become really compacted by all the dog walkers this week and it was very very slippery especially where the path sloped.

How I wished that I was able to stride out as I had the day we did this walk near the coast back in April/May!

It wasn't warm that day but we could put our feet down where we wanted to and not have to be careful all the time - something which has made my leg muscles really ache this week!

Oh how I wish I could do this walk NOW! (well not exactly now as it is dark out there at the moment but I think you know what I mean) Through the bluebells...

Listening to the cuckoo and noticing the wonderful perfume of springtime ....

Spring will come won't it?
Have a good weekend and those of you in the northern hemisphere do keep warm and safe.


  1. Your pictures of spring made me even more eager to get outside and update my diary with happy new things!! The only good thing about the snow is that it makes the birds come to the garden to feed, the one reminder of spring and summer at this time of year!!
    Lucy xx

  2. How right you are Lucy. Every cloud has its silver lining and the snow does bring some advantages of course and who knows what might be hiding under there ready to burst forth as soon as the sun comes out and warms the snow melts.

  3. Hello!
    thank you for popping by my blog!

    I'm wishing for the snow to go....tis so slippy for me!
    I love Spring..x

  4. You have such lovely things to look forward to with your seasons. Think daffodils and tulips, then bluebells and blossom trees, wisteria and on to roses. The list goes on and on. I think definite seasons and the changes in nature that they bring are wonderful and they give you something to look forward to.
    And remember at least you know it won't go on for ever . It won't last and soon those beautiful , cheery little daffs will be nodding their pretty heads from all sorts of surprising places.

  5. Lovely colors of the land here. I, too, dream of the day the snow goes away and we get back to the green and blooms.

  6. I also wish it was all gone now. I hurt my ankle about three years ago and find that I become pathetic when walking on ice for fear of doing something similar........ Thanks for my birthday greetings! :O)

  7. Jane,
    I'm with you! I've had enough of it now and yet, as I look out of the window, it is coming down again this morning, thick and fast. Those bluebell pictures make me want the Spring to come right this minute and banish the white stuff to oblivion. I think I'm becoming a bit stir crazy! Lesley x

  8. Hi Jane couldn't agree with you more! This snow lark has become boring now let's get some Spring colour on the palette... I like Cathy have injured ankles and walk about like a geisha clutching a bit of sushi between my knees.. nae fun!

  9. What a lovely reminder of sunnier days and warm spring air, green leaves and flowers.
    We are stuck in our road as well, but I have to admit, I really enjoyed our enforced walks through the deep snow and almost blizzard yesterday, it seemed to make everybody smile.

  10. I am far too cold to be enjoying it all. We are well-stocked up, but I am going to have to go work on Monday whatever happens. Snow is fine if you can stay in, but I find the driving far too scary!

    Pomona x

  11. as you know i'm on the 'enough is enough!' side of the argument,as lovely as it is to be at home, I do feel the need to be getting on and doing on so many levels...beautiful bluebell photos

  12. I love being British.... I wish it would snow, I wish it would snow, and then whe it does, it's I wish it would go away!! lol. Lovely Springtime photos though, and that Albert Camus quote is perfect, I used it on my blog in December. Is the top photo of Golden Cap in Dorset? Love walking that coastal path.


  13. My God! You must live in the most beautiful place on earth!! The views are stupendous! The walk where the bluebells grow is enchanting!


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