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Wednesday, 6 January 2010

In complete contrast to last post!

Yesterday it rained and we were beginning to wonder what all the fuss was about but in the night we got the forecast snow and woke this morning to see this from the bedroom window. Not much by some standards but for us it was quite something!

This afternoon I decided to take a walk in the woods as getting out to go anywhere else was nigh on impossible since we live at the end of a cul de sac which is a very steep hill and none of the houses even have fences so nothing to hold on to. I'd seen one four wheel drive vehicle in the road this morning and that was slipping and sliding backwards down the road so taking the car wasn't an option either.

The woods were beautiful - what a pity my camera (not the photographer you notice!) isn't up to taking better pictures.

I noticed that there were quite a few buds in evidence this one is a horse chestnut sticky bud and above are some small catkins ready for the spring! I was reminded of the quote "In the depths of winter I discovered in myself an invincible summer" I think it is by Albert Camus

Love the textures here on this lovely bark - now how could I use that in something creative I wonder?


  1. 'wow' all that snow!!

    we're hoping to wake to a wintry wonderland tomorrow - fingers crossed!

    Nina xx

  2. So you finally got some! So did we - and I think there's more to come too.

    Keep warm - we're all freezing away here.

  3. Ah so you've got some at last! It really makes everything look magical but the driving conditions are just so difficult aren't they. Lovely photos of the trees and its so good to see the catkins!

    Stay warm and cosy. Jeanne x

  4. Lovely photos - love the catkins. Lots of snow here again, I'm snuggling up to my laptop, Marvin just wants a radiator!

  5. Hi Jane, love Albert's quote it is a big favourite!! A colleague once turned a piece of bark on his side and played musical notes from the pattern on the tree through his flute.....
    very expressive eh?
    Linda x

  6. I don't think I'll be trying the music Linda but how creative can one be?!

  7. We are at the top of a hill too. Makes life interesting in these conditions, doesn't it? :O)

  8. I knew you couldn't escape for too long Jane. I think you've probably had all your snow in one go by the look of the news last night. Lovely photos. Good to see catkins. Signs of Spring just like Jeanne's photos. I haven't heard horse chestnuts called 'sticky buds' for such a long time. I remember them from nature walks and nature tables in primary school (we're talking about the 1950's mind you) and whenever I've called them that most people look at me strangely so it's good to find I'm not alone! Keep warm and safe. Lesley x

  9. Jane, you have put me to shame. we have finally had snow in our bit of Cornwall and I haven't been out in it yet as that involves getting cold!!! Sad eh? Ok, will dress up and venture forth; after all, I have to feed the livestock at some point! xx

  10. What lovely snow ours is melting now! Havé a lovely Day!

  11. What lovely photos! I think the photographer has done a wonderful job(nothing to do with the camera of course) :-) I love the contrast of the snow and trees, can't wait to see if you come up with something creative with that. Have a lovely day! It's nice to hear you are feeling more cheerful.

  12. You captured the snow beautifully. =) I think the photographer did a wonderful job (though I blame my camera also if my photos don't turn out the way I wanted).

  13. great photos, I love waking up to the snow!! We have had loads of snow and has caused me to have a few days off school! Hope you enjoy the snow.
    Lucy xx

  14. Lovely photos and I'm so glad you're joining me with the daily sewing sessions! It's harder than it seems finding the time (don't tell anyone I said that though, teehee)
    Can't wait to see your crazy patchwork, one of my favourites.

    Keep it up, love Fi x


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